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Trying new clothes at home. An idea for retailers

Nobody wakes up in the morning and think: “I would really like to go in that clothes store today and try on some clothes and maybe buy them”. Nobody ever! What people typically wants is to 1. Be able to see the selection of options, 2. Make sure that they fit and look good on them and 3. Get it immediately and without the fear of having to return it.

So here’s a suggestion for an for clothes/shoes retailers experiment:

  1. Take one of your sales person and assign a car to that person.
  2. Add to your website an option to ‘Try at home’ for a small portion of the city.
  3. The client selects the piece, selects the size and chooses ‘Try at home’ and selects a time-slot.
  4. The sales person grabs the piece and includes one size larger and one size smaller. If there are similar products that might be a good alternative, take them too. She should also take a card machine if appropriate.
  5. The sales person drives to the client, hand over the clothes and waits while the client try them on and choses the one that fits them well.
  6. Proceed with payment.

Often being able to have the product at a specific time is more important than being able to see all the options you have in store.

Some of the main objections to this experiment would be:

  1. What if they don’t buy? You can show all the alternatives you’ve brought, if it is still not suitable, say thanks and return to the store
  2. What if it is too far away? Well, that should be planned as part of the experiment. How far will you cover in the initial stages? Will your brick and mortar stores be hubs?
  3. What if people abuse the service? A ‘credit’ service could be of good use, where every individual is given credits they can use and when they use them all they cannot use the service until they complete an order.
  4. Wouldn’t that limit the amount of sales a sales person can do in a day? It is limited already. The only difference here is that instead of waiting for the client to show up, your sales person is being invited home by the client.

But the most important part, if it works or not you will only know after the experiment.

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