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The world is not perfect but could be better

Today I learned that the world will never be perfect. I am not sure about  you, but I have always struggled with this urge to optimize things. To make sure that whatever I am doing is being done in the best way, future proof, maximum outcome, etc etc etc. This is silly and realizing it […]

Decision Making

Decision making in the workplace

I have a theory about how decisions are made in most corporations these days. I developed this theory when trying to uncover why there is a constant need for discussions in all we do in the work environments. My thinking led me to conclude that this behaviour separates people in two categories: 1-People that need […]


Incentives and skin in the game

Suppose you are working in a company where your work is audited from time to time. Your performance perception is directly linked to the amount of issues found in these audits. More issues, worse performance. At the same time your management tells you that you need to be bolder, take more risks, aim higher (and […]


How to re-design a process

These days all big companies are going through some sort of process transformation. Some are into agile transformation, others into industry 4.0, simplification, etc. In this article I’d like to expose the main things I have seen working well. 1 – Start with the end in mind This way of thinking was popularized by Covey […]


Start, beginning. Getting the blue blazer black.

Hi, my name is Jorge. Welcome to the Blue Blazer Black. This is the place I created to share thoughts. My intention is that the thoughts shared here can, in some way, help you move forward and do things better. I hope you enjoy it.Jorge