Most valuable skills

Have you wondered what are the main skills that will take you further in life? These are the skills that will make everything else in your professional life easier.
These ones don’t come naturally and rarely are part of your job development plan. So go deep into them.

Many companies today hire for knowledge. Companies evaluate and look for what future employes studied. However, most of that knowledge is already outdated by the time the individual leaves the school.

Few companies are catching up with the fact that knowledge is teachable and easier to transfer than behavior and skills.

This time I will talk about the most valuable skills we can – and should – look after professionally and for our personal lives.

Writing clearly:

Writing clearly is a show of how good is your thinking.

This usually involves well-defined arguments explained in simple, concise but complete sentences.

The recommendations I made here in the post about communication at work are all good start, however, you first need to clarify your thinking before being able to write well. And this takes me to the next skill.

Clear thinking

Clear thinking allows you to communicate clearly, solve problems quickly and be more persuasive.

It also helps you make sense of the world around you. It helps you communicate well. It helps you solve problems well and makes you an all-around better person.

Efficiency and optimization:

Being efficient when executing and doing it with high quality will always be in fashion. Note that I did not mention ‘faster’. Faster is not the goal, more efficient is the goal.

With that said, think about your work: do you constantly explore the different ways your work can be done and how you could do it differently and improve it?

If you answered yes, you are on the path towards the skill of efficiency.

If you said ‘no’ or ‘there are no other ways to do my work’ or maybe ‘most jobs could be improved, but mine is really a case that cannot be changed’, then you have a long way to go.

Structured problem solving

The ability to deconstruct a situation, evaluate all the options and implications and direct the resolution.

This ability is welcome in any part of life, but more evident in your professional career.

If you have no clue about how does that look like, please have a look at the book The Bullet-proof problem solving I recommended to learn how the best in the world does it.

Public Speaking

The ability to clearly communicate your ideas in speech form to a crowd. Closely tied to organized thinking, but this time you are on the spot and people are watching you.

In public speaking, practicing and getting feedback is the quickest path forward.


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