Decision Making

Decision making in the workplace

I have a theory about how decisions are made in most corporations these days.

I developed this theory when trying to uncover why there is a constant need for discussions in all we do in the work environments.

My thinking led me to conclude that this behaviour separates people in two categories:

1-People that need to talk to think

2-People that are scared of responsibility

Today I am only going to talk about the second group.

The fear of ownership

A while ago I realised that people were reticent about taking decisions and being held accountable for these. There is total avoidance of accountability.

What I realise now is that this was only a part of the puzzle. There is a bigger problem that creates the need for discussions over every single topic, creates the needs for very big project teams and a skepticism towards each others job quality.

My discovery is that in most cases the people assigned to a task do not hold the necessary knowledge and attitude perform the task and be accountable for it.

This situation then generates the need to assemble a group. This group will in turn spend a big number of hours (maybe days, months…) discussing the subject and, above all, summing up their individual knowledges in order to, maybe, solve the task at hand.

Even though this is useful when you are a kid at school – for socialising – this becomes counterproductive for a company.

( There’s also something to be said about the benefits ofusing a group to avoid your bias during the decision making – however the group can also exaggerate biases through groupthink )

It is still a mystery for me how this general behaviour is accepted and, in some, cases regarded as a best practice as in “discuss in groups” or “it would be nice to discuss this with the group…”.

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Take ownership, decide, move on and analyse. The results will follow quickly.


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