Communication at work 101

If you never thought about the ways you communicate at work chances are high you have being doing it poorly. We all have.

Today I am going to share 4 basic rules for you to become slightly better at communicating.
If you follow these (like a religion!) you will go from terrible to something more acceptable.

Here it goes:

  1. Start with your conclusion and build up your justification after.
  2. Be short, concise and to the point at the maximum possible (emails, memos, post its, whatever). See Scott Adam’s guide on writing well.
  3. Write to the recipient, not to yourself. Take the time to make your message understandable.
  4. Don’t call for a meeting when an email will do. Don’t write an email when a chat across the aisle will do. Don’t chat across the aisle when silence will do.

And more importantly: it is not ok to leave a voice message asking the person to call you back. Start with the conclusion (rule #1)!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ps. Increase your basic knowledge on communication by checking Wiio’s communication laws.
Pps: Please, don’t leave a voice message asking to call you back. Review rule #1.

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