On internal monopolies

Internal monopolies are created when companies decided to centralise services without taking close care of the alignment of incentives.
Internal monopolies, are hard to identify and most managers will have hundreds of explanations and reasons as to why this is a good idea. The reality is that its side effects are hard to measure while at the same time being damaging to the firm.

Digitalization: how to handle excess people

Much has been written about the future of work and how humans will be aided or replaced by robots and intelligent algorithms. However, an important point is left out of the discussion: how should you handle the extra people now available? Idle hands are the devil’s workshop No technological revolution has resulted in fewer jobs. If…

Incentives and skin in the game

Suppose you are working in a company where your work is audited from time to time. Your performance perception is directly linked to the amount of issues found in these audits. More issues, worse performance. At the same time your management tells you that you need to be bolder, take more risks, aim higher (and…